The new version of has now been live for a little over 2 months and I can't thank those who have become a cultling enough! As most of you know I have slowly moved away from OF to refocus on content for my website. Not only do all proceeds from my website support me more than OF ever will but it also gives me a piece of mind that I'm actually running everything, whilst i still have lots of work to do for the Zombae home, such as adding new merch and new art. I just wanted to give a special thank you to everyone who is a member here. This gives me a feeling of accomplishment.

I am heavily working on so many new things for the year 2022! New merch, such as new unisex tshirts, sweaters, and more, I am also working on special art prints of my Zombae original character (both SFW and NSFW). I am also working on a special side project that will be available as NFTs. I know I have a majority of people both for NFTs and against. To those against it, I want to state that running an NFT is no different than buying original, minted artwork from an art gallery and if you do not understand crypto currency, by no means should you ever feel forced to buying NFTs. As I stated above there will be easy purchasable art by me that will be in physical print form if you still want to enjoy and support my art.

Again thank you everyone! Please look forward to ALL the new content I have to bring to the table and OH MAN there is a lot of content! xoxoxo Zombae

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