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BURN OUT IS REAL! (Please read)

I want to start off with saying thank you to each and every single one of you for being a supporter. I have serious modelling/cosplay burn out, and it's only going to get worse if I don't stop to heal myself and my mind. I have no drive nor creativity for photosets these days and it's straining my mental ability to even take the time to do self care because the demand is constant. I do realize I may be hindering myself when it comes to income but at the end of the day my health SHOULD essentially come first as hard as it may be. I still have some sets that I was unable to get to, to edit for the month of February and for that i apologize, but they will still be getting posted. I will still be streaming everyday:

Mon-Wed and Friday will be on Twitch and Thursdays are via Fansly.

What does this mean for the current VIP subscribers?

I understand some of you have paid for the year, well don't you yearly cultlings worry I have content for you! All old content will stay available to the yearly members but I will be switching the rest of the content up to my art endeavors both sfw, nsfw, and progress stuff ect. I will also be emailing ALL yearly member with a free years worth trial link to fansly where you can watch the Thursday steamy streams and much more!

As far as the monthly and yearly pricing, it will all be lowered to 10$ monthly and 80$ yearly.

I completely understand if you no longer want to support me via this platform because you may have been here just for the booba, but that is okay <3

Please feel free to check out my other platform if you want to support elsewhere: -perks- discord access, community games, emotes, bts. -perks- nsfw vtubing, nsfw art, nsfw selfies/clips

OR commissioning me for artworks! <3

By taking this time away from modelling, i hope to refind my love of cosplay where i don't feel forced to constantly show off.

I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart, and as hard as it may be for you to understand my feelings, it's also very hard for me to make this decision. It's a decision that has been tearing me apart for a lil' while... maybe a couple years but has only gotten worse. I miss the feeling of wanting to take cute pics and dress up as my fave characters, now it feels like a chore and both my body and mind are exhausted, overwhelmed, and can not keep up. Not to mention I do EVERYTHING on my own as a content creator, I do not have help which means I get tired fast with the many projects I have to keep up with. I think if I eliminate the forced feeling of getting 20+ img sets out every month maybe I can slowly get excited about new cosplays again.

Anywho thank you for listening, thank you for supporting, I hope I don't piss people off, I love ya'll. -Zombae <3

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Mar 04

Take care of yourself above all that is most important, we support you 💗

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thank you very much for sticking by!! <3


This is exactly what I had gone through for a long while. Definitely please take all the time you need..the real ones will patiently await your return and such♡ I am always happy to support you, but please take care of YOU!! Self-care really is important..more than we realize. You only get one you, so please take it easy 🫶🏾

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ILysm ❤️ 😽 You da bestest


You take the time you need to heal and do what makes you happiest and share what you want to share. I’m not going anywhere unless this page closes…..then I’ll support via other places

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Thank you so much for the kind words and the continuous support (,:

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